Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Sitka Spruce/Myrtlewood

All-purpose Acoustic-electric Guitar


Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Sitka Spruce/Myrtlewood

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All-purpose Acoustic-electric Guitar

The Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Concert offers premium tonewoods and construction techniques that are rare to find on guitars at this price. The Exotic Concert has a solid Sitka spruce top over laminate myrtlewood back and sides. Myrtlewood is favored by players at Earl Brooke's for the way it blends qualities of mahogany, rosewood, and maple. When myrtlewood is paired with Sitka spruce, the guitar’s voice becomes bold enough to cut through a mix. The satin-finished Slim-“C” neck sits securely in your hand, giving you total confidence to play each and every fret. And for plugged-in performance, this acoustic-electric guitar features premium LR Baggs Element electronics. Whether it becomes your go-to stage companion or a studio workhorse, the Breedlove Pursuit Exotic is ready for a lifetime of playing.

Myrtlewood: Breedlove’s signature tonewood

Myrtlewood might not be a tonewood that you’re familiar with, but let us assure you that it’s a tonewood you won’t want to stop talking about. Native to the coasts along the Pacific Northwest, myrtlewood (Umbellularia Californica) combines tonal elements rarely seen among American hardwoods. It blends the warmth of rosewood, the lively midrange of mahogany, and the bright treble response of maple into a single tonewood! Depending on your playing style, you’ll bring out different elements for a sound that’s all your own. And due to the constantly shifting winds where the trees grow, each set of myrtlewood showcases a unique grain pattern, making every myrtlewood guitar a one-of-a-kind creation.

Creating outstanding instruments at unbeatable prices

Breedlove’s guitar designers are passionate. They’re passionate about creating guitars that sound just as good to your wallet as they do your ears. As such, each Designed in Bend guitar benefits from the research and experimentation done by the expert builders in Breedlove’s Oregon headquarters. This closely guarded collection of building techniques ensures that your guitar performs up to its full potential. When you play a Designed in Bend Breedlove, you’re playing a new breed of affordable guitar.

Breedlove: guitars you can feel good about

From the company’s beginning in 1990, Breedlove has focused a lot of their efforts on reducing their impact on the planet without compromising the quality of their instruments. Their radical approach to sustainability led them to create their Tonewood Certification Program and commit to visit the locations where their timber is harvested to ensure that their sustainability standards are met. The company has introduced player-centered innovations, including top-loading bridges, fine-tuned voicings, and unique neck profiles. From the Discovery to the Legacy, each and every Breedlove is made with an uncompromising dedication to quality sound, flawless workmanship, and environmental sustainability. Buying a Breedlove is much more than purchasing a top-notch acoustic guitar — it’s buying a guitar that you can feel good about.

Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Concert CE Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Solid top enhances note articulation and projection
  • Sitka spruce top produces a punchy attack
  • Myrtlewood back and sides create a bold, dynamic tone
  • LR Baggs Element electronics capture an excellent plugged-in sound
  • Slim-“C” neck profile feels at home in your hand
  • Pinless Delta bridge makes string changes a breeze
  • Bone nut and saddle add brightness and sustain