Friedman Dirty Shirley Overdrive Pedal

Friedman Dirty Shirley Overdrive Pedal

Amp-like Response From a Compact Pedal

Amp-like Response From a Compact Pedal

The Friedman Dirty Shirley overdrive pedal crams all the British-style grit, supple touch sensitivity, and tonal flexibility of its namesake all-tube amplifier head into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. You’ll be eliciting the same sweetened tone no matter what amp you run it through, thanks to six knobs that mirror the amp’s controls. On the side of the Dirty Shirley pedal, Dave Friedman included a Tight switch to reign in your amp’s low end when being pushed. The Dirty Shirley amp is a favorite at Sweetwater. Put that same sound into your rig with the Dirty Shirley overdrive pedal.

Dave Friedman: tone guru to the pros

For over 25 years, Dave Friedman has been tweaking, building, and repairing gear for some of the biggest names in music. His legendary reputation among touring musicians has gained him a loyal clientele including the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Jerry Cantrell, and more. Dave has created his own production guitar gear line utilizing his sought-after skills and talents. Now you can get the same legendary tones as the pros with the Friedman Dirty Shirley Overdrive pedal.

Friedman Dirty Shirley Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Overdrive pedal that replicates the sound of its namesake 40-watt tube amp
  • Same controls as the amp for nailing its trademark tones
  • Gain boasts a British-style character
  • Tight switch maintains a punchy feel when pushing your amplifier
  • True bypass switching maintains your true tone when bypassed
  • Works with 9- to 18-volt power


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