JHS 3 Series Chorus Pedal

JHS 3 Series Chorus Pedal

Don?t Bore Us ? Give Us the Chorus!

Don’t Bore Us — Give Us the Chorus!

Whip up some warble with the JHS 3 Series Chorus pedal from Sweetwater! Like all JHS 3 Series stompboxes, this streamlined chorus pedal features just three knobs — Volume, Rate, and Depth — for fast, no-frills tweakability. Add some subtle, detuned sparkle or shiver the timbers with crashing cascades of seasick chorusing. Want to drown your dry signal? You got it! Flick the Vibe switch, and you’ll hear nothing but a chorus-soaked wet signal. The JHS 3 Series Chorus is an affordable way to add a high-quality chorus to your pedalboard, with straightforward controls that are perfect for use onstage. To paraphrase an old saying, don’t bore us — give us the chorus!

JHS 3 Series Chorus Pedal Features:

  • Affordable streamlined pedal for classic chorus and vibrato effects
  • Simple 3-knob design: Volume, Rate, Depth
  • Vibe switch removes the dry signal for full-on chorus
  • Dial in anything from subtle modulation to chaotic warbles
  • Runs on 9-volt DC negative center power (power adapter not included)


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