JHS 3 Series Compressor Pedal

JHS 3 Series Compressor Pedal

A Workhorse Pedalboard Compressor

A Workhorse Pedalboard Compressor

JHS 3 Series pedals offer an affordable way to stuff your pedalboard with pro-grade versions of essential stompboxes. When it comes to pedalboard must-haves, guitarists at Sweetwater will tell you that a high-quality compressor is at the top of the list. With its straightforward 3-knob layout — Volume, Attack, and Sustain — the JHS 3 Series Compressor makes shaping your dynamics a breeze. Pull out some Nashville spank or Gilmour-style sustain in seconds! Or, engage the Bright switch for added sparkle if your compressed tone starts to get too dark. Never used compression? Then you’ll be shocked by the dramatic difference it will make to the sound of your guitar tone. And for seasoned compressor users, you’ll appreciate the JHS 3 Series Compressor’s no-nonsense approach — it’s a stellar onstage companion!

JHS 3 Series Compressor Pedal Features:

  • Affordable, streamlined compressor pedal
  • Gently tame dynamics or dramatically smash your signal
  • Simple 3-knob layout: Volume, Attack, Sustain
  • Engage the Bright switch to add sparkle back to the compressed signal
  • Runs on 9-volt DC negative center power (power adapter not included)


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