JHS 3 Series Reverb Pedal

JHS 3 Series Reverb Pedal

Three Knobs, Endless Reverb!

Three Knobs, Endless Reverb!

From JHS’s line of stripped-down, stellar-sounding guitar pedals, the JHS 3 Series Reverb pedal is an extremely versatile verb packed in a streamlined, no-frills package. With just three knobs — Verb, EQ, and Decay — you have access to a range of sounds, from subtle small-room effects to cascading waves of ambience. The EQ knob lets you sweep from bright ’80s hardware-style shimmer to dark, vintage-voiced textures. Additionally, the 3 Series Reverb includes a Pre-delay switch, so your transients won’t get lost in the wash. Guitarists at Sweetwater enjoy the simplicity of the 3 Series Reverb — it’s an excellent stompbox for dialing up sounds fast without getting lost in convoluted controls. And, like all JHS 3 Series pedals, it’s very affordable. So, you’ll have money left over for even more pedals!

JHS 3 Series Reverb Pedal Features:

  • Affordable, streamlined reverb pedal
  • Simple 3-knob design: Verb, EQ, and Decay
  • Sweep between bright shimmering sounds and dark textures
  • Engage the Pre-delay switch to keep your transients from getting lost in the wash
  • Runs on 9-volt DC negative center power (power adapter not included)


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