JHS Lucky Cat Tape/Digital Delay Pedal

JHS Lucky Cat Tape/Digital Delay Pedal

The Best of Analog and Digital Processing

The Best of Analog and Digital Processing

Based on their very first delay pedal from 2007, the JHS Lucky Cat digital delay pedal is a great example of digital processing done right. With the Dark control fully clockwise, you’ll hear transparent digital repeats. Crank the control all the way down for a gritty, lo-fi analog-style delay. And everything in between sounds sweet. With delay time ranging from short slapback to a full second, the Lucky Cat is a versatile delay for any application. And with two types of modulation available, you’ve got a ton of creative potential in the JHS Lucky Cat delay pedal.

Two modulation modes for expanded effects capabilities

Beyond the delay effect, the Lucky Cat pedal offers two modulation modes for added vibe. Mod 1 delivers a subtle shimmer, which is perfect for adding a chorus-like sparkle to your tone. Mod 2 is more drastic, delivering a deeper and more intense warble. Dial in the Mix and Repeats appropriately, and you can coax some great chorus and vibrato effects out of the Lucky Cat.

Switch between Tape and Digital modes for two distinct voicings

In Digital mode, the overall character of the Lucky Cat is transparent and true. Switch over to Tape mode for a slightly saturated and compressed character, similar to vintage tape echo units.

Tap tempo and Ratio control for fast setup

Guitarists at Sweetwater are always pleased to find a tap tempo switch on a delay pedal — once you’ve used one, it’s hard to go without. Use it in conjunction with the Ratio control to quickly dial in your sound — you’ll be able to dial in various subdivisions without having to tap the tempo switch in triplets or eighth notes.

JHS Lucky Cat Delay Pedal Features:

  • Digital delay pedal for electric guitar
  • Turn on Tape mode to conjure the saturated, compressed sound of vintage tape delay
  • Dark control ranges from completely transparent delays to gritty, lo-fi delays
  • Switchable modulation with 2 modes — subtle and shimmery or deep and warbly
  • Tap tempo and Ratio controls


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