JHS Spring Tank Reverb Pedal

JHS Spring Tank Reverb Pedal

It’s time to plug in your favorite electric axe and get in the mood for exploration.

New Reverb Pedal from JHS

It’s time to plug in your favorite electric axe and get in the mood for exploration. JHS has the dual reverb pedal you need to begin the journey: the JHS Spring Tank. The Spring Tank will take your dry guitar signal and soak it in a glimmering waterfall of reverb that can add layers of subtlety to whatever you’re working on. The Spring Tank is both powerful and versatile, plus it’s highly tweakable. It features a really cool graphic faceplate and is easy to use, giving you rich overtones and beautiful reflections that are simple for you to dial in. Classic Depth, Length, Highs, and Boost knobs are at your fingertips as well as Tank 1 and Tank 2 (two switchable reverb mixes), giving you all the options for exploration you need. Reverb pedal lovers here at Sweetwater have test-driven the Spring Tank and give it a unanimous thumbs-up!

A tank full of options

The Spring Tank puts in all the tools you need to create killer spring reverb with controls for Depth, Length, Highs, Boost, and Tank 1 and Tank 2. Depth allows you to shape the size of the room, while Length lets you lengthen or shorten the time the reverb actually reverberates. Highs gives you highpass filter control that lets you darken or brighten your overall reverb effect. Tank 1 and Tank 2 controls put two independent reverb mixes at your fingertips for even more effects options. And the Boost control speaks for itself: volume!

Effects loop at your control

The Spring Tank also has an effects loop that lets you put any effect on the reverb tails that suits your vision. Create really cool soundscapes with different effects by plugging a TRS splitter cable into the effects loop jack and insert any pedal into the loop that you desire. An internal switch also lets you have the effects loop on only when Tank 2 is engaged, or you can have it on all the time — it’s all up to you.

JHS Spring Tank Reverb Pedal Features:

  • Highs, Depth, Length, and Boost knobs provide you with tons of tweakability
  • Tank 1 and Tank 2 provide independent reverb mixes for effects options
  • Simple, cool faceplate design makes switching controls easy
  • Internal switch allows for maintaining effects loop when desired


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