Matthews Effects Astronomer v2 Celestial Reverb Pedal

Matthews Effects Astronomer v2 Celestial Reverb Pedal

Tri-voiced Shimmer Reverb Pedal

Tri-voiced Shimmer Reverb Pedal

Three atmospheric reverb algorithms and endless amounts of angelic shimmer and sustain make for an altogether memorable playing experience in the Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 pedal. Both 3-knob rows of this pioneering textural generator give you independent control of your choice of three lush ambiences, which are immediately accessible, without tools or menu diving, via two external slider switches. Effects can be engaged and toggled via two dedicated soft-touch footswitches. Convenient top-mounted jacks ready the Astronomer V2 for the choosiest pedalboard setups. Meanwhile, advanced inputs, which include 1/4″ expression and alternate TRS ins for hands-free decay control and remote switching access respectively, along with configurable tails/hard-cut switching for lingering tails or clean FX breaks, equip the Astronomer V2 for the most daring tone-trepreneurs.

Two independent reverbs in one

Each of the Astronomer V2’s three original ambience algorithms can be assigned to and controlled from its two 3-knob control rows. So whether you want instant access to two entirely different textures — say, a dark hall or a bright angelic shimmer — or two different voicings for the same algorithm, Matthews Effects puts you in the observer’s chair of this versatile pedal. Choose between:
  • Canis Major — This echo-verb is custom-built for drones, swells, and atmosphere building. The Glow control brings up boatloads of angelic upper-octave shimmer effects.
  • Orion — In what Matthews Effects describes as the quintessential hall reverb, the Orion algorithm unleashes infinite halls of untold sizes. As with Canis Major, the Glow control makes it possible to enrich reverbs with a gorgeous shimmery tail.
  • Ursa Major — This dark chamber reverb gives you options for a pre-reverb upper octave via the Glow control, which quickly yields granular 12-string octave effects for added sparkle.

Tails/hard-cut bypass

Whether you’re the type of player who likes your reverbs cut clean when you disable the pedal or the type who prefers your tails to linger after you step on the kill switch, the Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 has you covered. Hold both switches for 10 seconds to toggle bypass modes. Easy peasy.

1/4″ expression and alternate inputs

The Astronomer V2 from Sweetwater gives you two additional options for getting the most out of your pedal. The 1/4″ expression pedal input offers hands-free control of the Travel (decay) function of the second row of knobs for dynamic space control. Additionally, a 1/4″ alternate output allows you to access the Astronomer V2’s FX toggle switch via remote switch anywhere on your pedalboard. Expression pedal and external switch sold separately.

Matthews Effects Astronomer V2 Reverb Pedal Features:

  • 2 independent reverb effects in 1
  • 3 unique FX algorithms to choose from
  • Canis Major and Orion reverbs allow you to dial in angelic shimmer effects via the central Glow control
  • Ursa Major is a dark hall reverb capable of 12-string sparkle and snappy upper-octave harmonics
  • Infinite sustain via the Travel (decay) control
  • Toggleable tails/hard-cut bypass switching
  • High-grade components yield superior sound and response
  • Top-mounted jacks provide easy pedalboard placement
  • TRS expression input provides hands-free 2nd-row Travel control via pedal
  • TRS alternate input lets you toggle FX types remotely via footswitch
  • Current draw: 100mA
  • Proudly built in the USA


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