Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal

Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal

14 Stackable Reverbs with Adjustable Spillover

14 Stackable Reverbs with Adjustable Spillover

From angelic shimmer to Bauhaus indie ambience, the Source Audio Ventris is your ticket to just about any reverb style your evolving appetites desire. Onboard, you’ll find 14 fully realized selectable stereo reverb engines, which can be stacked two at a time, and enough controls to please even the choosiest reverb fanatic. Two massive and totally independent 56-bit signal processors are the key to the Ventris’s flawless signal path. An expression pedal input gives you real-time control of up to three parameters at once. You can even deep dive and save favorites for instant recall using the free Neuro Editor desktop or mobile app. A feature Sweetwater reviewers particularly enjoyed is the adjustable spillover control, which preserves reverb tails even as you switch modes. Whether you’re out to stake new claims in sonic landscapes or plumb new depths of classic drip and room reverbs, you’ll find what you’re after and more in the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb pedal.

14 stereo reverbs, including True Spring

  • Room
  • Hall-L
  • E-Dome
  • True Spring
  • Plate
  • Lo-Fi
  • Modverb
  • Shimmer
  • Echoverb
  • Swell
  • Offspring
  • Reverse
  • Outboard Spring
  • Metal Box

Stack two reverbs at once

With two independent DSP chips, the Ventris Dual Reverb lets you stack ambiences two at a time for unique effects. Now you can give your surf drip haunting tails and infuse your hall reverbs with modulated tremors and pedal dives.

Adjustable spillover

Lesser digital reverbs may cut off your reverb tails as you explore presets, but not the Source Audio Ventris. An adjustable effect called spillover lets you control just how long your tails linger on when jumping from preset to preset, which is great for keeping your audience engaged and in the moment when moving from song to song or section to section.

Configure settings via your phone or laptop

Right out of the box, the Ventris Dual Reverb is a fully realized, fully playable pedal. But for deep divers and tone tweakers, Source Audio’s Neuro Editor software is sure to please. Available for your smartphone as well as your desktop computer, Neuro takes you inside the pedal’s powerful 56-bit Sigma DSP and allows you to fine-tune all sorts of parameters, from spring length and pre-delay to diffusion and much more. Once you’ve created your ideal effects, you can save up to three favorites on the Ventris for instant recall, without ever having to open the editor again.

Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal Features:

  • 14 reverb types, including True Spring
  • Ranges from surf drip and indie lo-fi to angelic shimmer and enveloping hall ambience
  • Stack 2 reverbs at once to uncover all-new effects
  • Adjustable spillover preserves tails when switching reverb modes
  • 2 massive and independent 56-bit Sigma DSP chips
  • Free Neuro Editor allows you to fine-tune effects and save up to 3 custom presets
  • Stereo routing options include stereo to stereo, mono to mono, mono to stereo, stereo sum to mono, and external loop mode
  • Switchable bypass modes — choose from buffered or true bypass
  • Expression control input can control up to 3 simultaneous parameters
  • MIDI compatible when used with the Source Audio Neuro Hub (sold separately)


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